For the bohemian girl, the festival junkie, the deadheads, for the love of colour

All of our garments are lovingly hand dyed in our Victoria studio (B.C Canada).

Designed and dyed by Valerie and her team of tie dye experts. We've been busy in the studio and selling our work since 2002.

Each garment we tie dye is handled and cared for multiple times to ensure quality dyeing and a beautiful finished product. We use non toxic dyes on natural fibers including cotton, hemp, rayon, bamboo and silk.

We design for the 20 somethin' festival goer and the funky Grandma who always makes you laugh.

Valerie had a baby boy in 2017 so look for new items in our 'Just For Kid's' section. We've been feeling especially inspired.

Our bohemian bedding line is an exciting addition to any home. We love dying sheet sets and duvet cover sets. They make a unique gift idea for your next wedding or graduation. Or, treat yourself! You deserve it

Wholesale inquiries welcome. E-mail us for info.

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